Recording is by:
1 - Computer program contains 128 track.
2 - Digital DAT cassettes.
3 - Digital machine with no cassettes Fostex 16 Trace.

All kinds of recording are digital recordings.

The studio contains a number of internationally popular monitoring headphones like Yamaha, JBL, Boss…

The final version can be either DAT, CD, MD, or normal cassette.

The studio contains a ALLEN & HEACH mixer which contains 24 channels and a mixer in the computer program which contains 128 channels.

Professional microphones with pure sounds.

Musical Instruments: 3 high level keyboards, in addition to two MODULES and they are all digitally compatible MIDI.

Capacity for the live music players between 6 – 8.

A good final result especially after finishing the record with the best programs.

Maestro Studio still seek development  and  progress…

for a better sound…and more beautiful music…


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