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  Born on 1960

Studied the music at first in the Arab Institute in Aleppo and then continued his personal efforts with some teachers in Aleppo.


Started to play piano and Org and constitute a musical band to play on anniversaries and parties. He was possessed by the musical .


for the eastern pieces of music known by "Maqamat" quoting the Rahbaniat and Said Darwish's music and trying to have the use of them.


Constituted a small theatre band and had presented 3 plays of Fairouz and Rahbani Bros, but unfortunately these activities stopped due to the military service.


Finished his military service and continued being musician and started composing TV & radio ads and he loved this work.


Married Mayada Bselis and decided to formulate with her a musical duet to present a successful musical project.


Had launched two collections of songs with Mayada of his music and they cooperated with the poet Mr. Samir Tahhan.


Started to compose music for local TV series which took a lot of his concentration that he still up to now composing music for a number of TV, cinema, and theatre works.


Opened a small studio and named it MAESTRO and this is the studio in which he records his private & public works.


He is continuing his work as:


- Musical Composer of the dramatic works .


- Composer and sometimes the lyrics-writer of Mayada's songs which he does compose for no one else.


- Music composer and lyricist of TV & radio ads .


- Composer of Dance Music for a number of dance groups in Syria, Lebanon, and the Gulf.


- Org Player with his band .


- Manager of MAESTRO studio & Co. Aleppo .